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Use the form below to get started.

Send me a description of what kind of hand-drawn pet portrait you're looking for using the descriptions on this page. For example, you'd say a "5x7 color cat portrait" or a "howlite rock dog portrait with frame."

When I get your email, I'll write back, requesting the image you'd like to use. The highest possible resolution will work the best -- it's all about seeing those details! We can work together to determine your ideal final portrait -- if there's something in your image you'd rather not be included in the portrait, we can make that work!

Once we've worked out the details via email or phone, and before I get started, I'll let you know to add the custom order to your cart. If it's a custom howlite rock, or your portrait has other customizations, your invoice will be sent via PayPal. Additional customizations to rocks or standard portraits may be additional, however, you will always know the total cost up front before work is started. No surprises!
All orders and shipping are processed through PayPal.

Portraits can take between 4-6 weeks depending on complexity and number of orders I'm working on, so please be patient, and to avoid any close calls, it's best to order as soon as possible. I will always keep you updated along the way!

Please send me an email to get started!

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